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Joining the Partit Occitan

Nous rejoindre

With the Partit Occitan, I make 6 choices pour today and tomorrow :

- Identity : all other parties are based in Paris and their local branch is just a communication channel for central mottoes. The Partit Occitan fights for the survival of the Occitan Community .Retour ligne manuel
- Modernity : most european countries are regionalised and give real powers at local and regional level, that is why the Partit Occitan stands for autonomy.Retour ligne manuel
- Democracy : the Partit Occitan respects the democratic framework and acts within the law.Retour ligne manuel
- Seriousness : the Partit Occitan proposes concrete solutions to our problems through our Occitan sensibility and the realities of our regions.Retour ligne manuel
- Change : the Partit Occitan proposes a real change of society because France is choking under the weight of its centralizing state.Retour ligne manuel
- Openness : the Partit Occitan through its external connections is open to other "hexagonal", european or global cultures.

Membership is open to everyone who agrees with the Party Charter. You cannot be a member of another political organisation at the same time.


Important for people paying taxes in France : Joining the PARTIT OCCITAN and paying by cheque entitles you to a tax rebate of 66% of the cheque, in the limit of 20% of the taxable income. For 50 €, you will deduce 66% that is to say 33€. The real cost to you will be 17 €. A certificate, for joining to your income tax return, will be sent you in due time.

It’s settled, I’m joining NOW !

Subscription Partit Occitan


Partit Occitan fundraiser: Guilhèm Latrubesse (declar. 17/12/14)

Other languages available : français òc
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