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Our charter


The Partit Occitan's members agree with the party's charter. Here are its main elements: 

The Occitan Party is open to every person who acknowledges the Occitan fact in its historical and social dimension as well as in the new embodiments brought about by its revival and construction.

The Occitan Party regroups all those who want to take part in the current political, economic and social issues, in every aspect of life in society.

The Occitan Party uses all the democratic means of political life, particularly elections.

Our commitment to a self-governing Occitan society is strictly respectful of democratic rules. The Occitan Party aims at the recognition of the Occitan community. It defends the Occitan people’s interests. It also struggles for the full rehabilitation of the Occitan language both inside and outside the French state, especially at European level. Such is the meaning of its aspiration towards self-government .

The Occitan political commitment is an opening-up to all the demands of a democratic society in particular towards social and economic justice. Which means solidarity with the underprivileged.

For everyday life as well as for everyone’s future, one of the Occitan Party’s urgent tasks is the construction of Europe: a Europe of peoples and regions.

The Occitan Party works for the respect of human rights in their individual and collective aspects. Solidarity with the Third World and action for peace belong to its priorities.

For the Occitan Party, a society is accountable for part of the global natural heritage in the eyes of its neighbours as well as in the eyes of generations to come. It can use that heritage but has no right to exploit it.

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