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Donating to the Partit Occitan

To go on campaigning, the PARTIT OCCITAN relies on your support.

- Donating to the PARTIT OCCITAN and paying by cheque, entitles people paying taxes in France, to a tax rebate of 66% of the cheque, in the limit of 20% of the taxable income.

For 100 EUR, you will deduce 66% that is to say 66 EUR.

The real cost to you will be 34 EUR.

- Send your cheque (payable to "Partit Occitan") to :
PARTIT OCCITAN, 9 rue des liserons, 31 500 TOLOSA/TOULOUSE

- A certificate, for joining to your income tax return, will be sent you in due time.

- Fundraiser: Guilhem Latrubesse (declar. 17/12/2014)

PDF - 238.1 kb
Formulaire don
PDF - 105.9 kb
Virement permanent

For further information concerning fical reductions, click here.

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