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The Occitan Party

What is the Partit Occitan

The Occitan Party was formed in Toulouse in 1987 through the union of different occitanist movements (Volem Viure Al païs, Païs Nòstre...), of candidates to the 1986 regional elections, of various individuals. The union was made around the party’s Charter.

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Our charter

The Occitan Party is open to every person who acknowledges the Occitan fact in its historical and social dimension as well as in the new embodiments brought about by its revival and construction.
The Occitan Party regroups all those who want to take part in the current political, economic and social issues,

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Autonomy and humanism

The recognition of the Occitan community by the French, Spanish and Italian states and the European Union.
A wide reaching autonomy for Occitania on the whole of the area of the Occitan language (including the Occitan alpine valleys presently under Italian rule and the Aran valley in the Spanish state).

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